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cork goals

Lets start off tonight with whats new with David he slept through the night again last night first time in a few days so mommy was all to happy with that!  I also moved him up to 6 ounce feedings from 4ounces because he has seemed to be hungrier lol a growing boy.  its hard to believe how much he has grown in the past 10 weeks as well as the fact that that much time has passed since he was born.

 So this week  I have a few goals,

  1. Get David and I on a daily schedule (Kevin would love to see this since I keep sleeping in lol)
  2. Continue to coupon for what we need (which isn’t much this week)
  3. Only buy the few things on the list that I already have made
  4. No eating out at all this week!
  5. Have a daily post on here with a picture of David

I am sure that more will come to me as time goes on this week lol.

*Also watch as the week goes on for couponing 101 page to appear along the top it is a work in progress that I am aiming to have done this week!* 

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