Journey Begins

My weight loss journey begins today, I will be using several apps that I got for free on my andoid phone to follow Weight Watchers.  These apps include Weight Watchers Diary, and Weight Watchers Scan Calculator.  I begin weighing 211 pounds at 5ft 5in and as a nursing mother so I will begin with 40 points per day and a bank of 35 flex points per week.  I am also using the noom app along with Cardio Trainer, until I go back to work in mid August I will be doing Stroller Mates 4-5 days a week. I will post begging photos later today, as well as an entry to tell a little bit about myself (Nicole), my husband Kevin and our son David.  Now for some sleep!

P.S. I almost forgot our two Ragdoll cats Holly, and Nabby

           Holly is in front, Nabby is in back


Our Family
Kevin and I met in 2005, we married August 7th, 2010 and found out that we were expecting September 7th 2010. We also have 2 cats Holly and Nabby.  In late January of this year we packed up and moved 1800 miles from Sacramento, California to the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas.

Our Wedding in Reno, Nevada (during Hot August Nights lol)
New Mexico
As we crossed the Texas Border!
 Our first few weeks here in Texas we got snow!

We welcomed David Harlan into the world on May 5th, 2011 at 12:24pm He weighed 7 pounds 7.5 ounces and was 19 inches long with beautiful red hair just like mommy and daddy!

 First Family Photo!


I began couponing before David was born, but just on diapers and wipes, after David was born and I saw how much I was saving on diapers and wipes i decided to take it to the next level and start saving on other things!  I still save the most on diapers but it is nice to not pay full price for other things we use as well.  I am working on not being brand loyal and took the first step on that yesterday with hair care products and deodorant, from now on i buy the brand i have the best coupon for, it is kinda a fun game to play coupons are like cards and you have to decide which one to play!

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