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Its been a busy week, I’m interviewing for a new job!  David had a photo shoot today with the company that dose the pictures in the hospital and we will be seeing how they came out in a couple of week. we are back to working on a schedule for David and my Self, and will be getting back to our chore broad (Kevin dose not know this yet, he hates that thing.  


I finally have earned some ECB (Extra Care Bucks), my goal is to roll these over each week for new deals that cost me noting or very little out of pocket!  I’m beginning some budgeting and hope to spend $20 a week on our stock pile plus use my ECB, and $100 or less a week on groceries, I will be doing weekly meal planning and shopping according to that and not in between no more extra trips to the market!  So I’m working on creating a master list of what we use, how many, where to buy and at what price.

I will be working on trying to get Couponing 101 done this week and adding new pictures of the deals I’m getting, and get back to our daily freebie!  just a Heads up this weekend there should be 4 inserts including the Procter & Gamble.

 Reminder of  our goals
 So this week  I have a few goals,

  1. Get David and I on a daily schedule (Kevin would love to see this since I keep sleeping in lol)
  2. Continue to coupon for what we need (which isn’t much this week)
  3. Only buy the few things on the list that I already have made
  4. No eating out at all this week!
  5. Have a daily post on here with a picture of David

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