Returning to Work :-(

So tomorrow is my first day back to work since having David I have been on leave since January when I was 20 weeks pregnant.  David will be staying home with daddy so I am sure all will be fine I’m just sad to leave my sweet baby boy for so long each day.

So I had to take the page down cause I couldn’t edit it without the whole computer freezing I will work on getting it back up in a few days, If I can’t get it to work I will create a document and put it on the meal planning page, in the mean time if you need one of our recipes feel free to use the contact me option out the Facebook page and I will be happy to email you the one that you are looking for!  As for the tummy treat I used Andes Baking Chips instead of chocolate chips, these cookies are a nice minty change to our normal chocolate chip ones that I make each week!
OK I am off to fix bottles, fold laundry,handle coupon train business and then get some sleep! Night y’all.
P.S  PLEASE feel free to contact me any time on the Facebook page with questions suggestions etc.

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