It is finally beginning to feel like autumn here in TX, so my meals are changing over to comfort food!  Last night I made a bacon cheddar apple spinach firttata it was soo good and I found the recipe through the Cozi calendar website, I added the spinach to get a green veggie in there, and served with hash browns.

I took David to the doctor the other day and he is up to 15 pounds 14 ounces, and was mistaken for a month old by his doctor because of his advanced motor skills, he now crawls grabs for toys, takes his binky out of his mouth and puts it back. He has learned to pull himself up in the crab and get his toys out of the basket in the living room.

Ok I am off to finish cleaning the house up and get ready for work, tomorrow I will post what dinner was tonight, as well as what I plan to get this week with coupons!

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