Mommy Brain Revamped (my planner)

So I have had a very difficult time finding a planner that fits my needs, well last weekend i realized that there are tons of great internet printable’s out there to help one stay organized! So I went on the hunt and found some for my needs! I still want to add other things to this such as some master lists but I am not sure as to what.

20120415_171039, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App20120422_181714, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App
This is my new one it is now 1/2 the size i took the pages to staples and told them that I wanted them half sheet sized front to back and so on, they sell mini binders that you can put them in and even a mini 3 hole punch, Mine however is in a flex one like the one pictured to the right, I was able to adjust the hole punch at staples to punch the holes and they cut the pages for me! If using this size use the weekly meal planners and the 2 page weekly planner.

Supplies needed:

  • Sheet protector put your name and other info in a printed page just in case it is misplaced
  • Binder or other ringed notebook such as 5 Star flex ( I wont bind it so that I can add to it!)
  • Dividers (one per month and an other
  • Post-it tabs to help organize
  • Blank monthly calander found here  or  if doing the half size use this one here
  • Monthly budget worksheet found here
  • Weekly meal planner found here or monthly here  (if weekly print 4 if using weekly, print a however many grocery lists as you food shop per month here if using monthly)
  •  —————————————————————————Print these and run them off (12 copies) front to back, the machine will even put the holes in for ya! This completes the monthly part.
  • Weekly cleaning schedule  found here
  • Weekly planner found here ( I like the 2 page one) I use the shopping list to plan out for CVS!
  • For those who need it a blog planner (I use it and love it!) found here
  • ————————————————————————–Print these and run them off (52 copies) front to back, the machine will even put the holes in for ya! This completes the weekly part.

At the end ad what ever you like of these

  • Yearly calendar found here
  • Master list of dinner ideas found here
  • The second one here to track bills as paid etc.
  • Christmas card lists found here
  • Stock up lists and price books from here
  • The monthly cleaning found here
  • Important dates to remember found here
  • To do list/note paper found here

****I have since taken this in  to staples and had them print it all off front to back 1/2 size and cut the pages I then collated them and had them spiral bind it , I then took our daily routine found here and had it laminated as a half page as well and use it to mark my spot and guide us though our day!


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