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Viggle Tips and Tricks…

So for anyone that is not familiar with Viggle it is an app that pays you in gift cards for watching TV! You check in to shows and earn points that you redeem for prizes, some shows offer extra points and points for trivia. I have already earned 35 in Lowes gift cards this month!

Bonus programs are good for a week so you can watch them online, On Demand or DVR them. I will begin posting each day with links to some of the previous nights featured shows, you just need to check in and wait 10 to 15 minuets to check in to another show, I also check in to a long running movie or program before bed to earn while I sleep, it pays 1pt per minuet of the show you are checked in to.

Android users the app is now available in the Google Play Store , Iphone users can find it in the apple store (THE APP IS FREE)

Everyone can use this link here to sign up
You can check into any TV show to get points. You will get 1 point per minute of watching unless its one of the bonus shows.

If it doesn’t recognize the show, it will let you manually check in after 3 tries, this only works for shows that are on live tv. You will still get your points. You can check into multiple shows per hour as long as you stay checked into them for more than 10 minutes.   There is a limit of 6,000 points per day! And you may only be checked in for 10 hours per day, also ads only show up when checked in!

Example: Check into New Girl at 9 and then 10-15 minutes later check into the Voice. You would then get 125pts for New Girl and 300pts for the voice.

For more information check out this 

**** Added 7/6/12

Viggle shared some great info on their blog recently on ensuring that you are checked into the correct episode

 “Viggle’s technology has a very high hit rate in terms of recognizing the shows you’re checking into. That said, there are a lot of variables outside of our control…

We’ve heard some Viggle members mention that Viggle sometimes checks them into the wrong episode of the show they’re watching. This comes up because sometimes one episode of a show will have bonus points and others will not. To avoid this problem, we recommend checking in while the actual show is playing and not during commercials. Commercials vary from city to city which makes it very difficult for Viggle to accurately confirm your check in.”

**** Added 8/12/12

A little update to checking in later after the show points are available up to 7 days after the original air date however they are only guaranteed till 8AM EST,  the following morning so be sure to check in ASAP, I tried to check into some stuff today from last Wednesday and it is only Sunday and did not get bonus points…

****Added 8/15/12 Viggle points will Expire 12 months after  earning them so be sure not to accumulate too many from the date you started “Checking-in” to check that click on your points and it will bring up your Points History click on “Points History” and another menu will come up select “Check-in History” once it loads scroll all the way down and check the date when you started “Checking-in” (this may take a few minutes).  I would make sure I redeem about a week before that as per the terms of the app Viggle will not warn you that your points are about to expire, another option is to be regularly redeeming your points.

****Edited**** (well apparently I was wrong I cant scroll past when the Olympics started)  If you have redeemed early on check that in the same menu under “Reward History” I will go by 5/18/12

*****8/20/12**** As I am no longer doing daily Viggle posts for personal reasons please use this link to Slick Deals to find sound clips and the daily schedule. 

Also remember that you may only be checked in for a total of 12 hours per day!

Viggle Tips and Tricks…


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