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****Taken from Viggle blog

Hello Vigglers!
I wanted to let you know in advance about some minor changes we’re making to Viggle. Starting tomorrow, you will only see ads, games and quizzes after you have checked into a show. All the Viggle goodness is still there – you just have to check-in to get to it.
As the Viggle community continues to grow we’re excited to bring you more ways to make TV even better. Things like:

  • Viggle LIVE: a popular program of questions, polls, and voting all in sync with what you’re watching.
  • MyGuy: a fantasy sports game that knows what teams are playing when you check into the game. Choose your players and if they win, you win.
  • TV Genius: a chance for you to strut your knowledge of television and get points for it.
  • 1 Million Point Daily Giveaway: check-in with Viggle and you’re automatically entered into the daily giveaway of 1 million points!

As always, I want to thank you for your continuing support. You really do help to make Viggle great.
Kind Regards,
Jason Reindorp
VP, Marketing


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