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Organize The Whole Family

Cozi is an app that I have played around with in the past and recently went back to as the Mommy Brain was taking up room in my purse as well as the fact that it had one major flaw… No reminders and lets face it we all need little reminders on some stuff!
Cozi offers connecting the whole family in one place including your busy pets!  Each family member has a different color assigned to them to allow you to keep everything straight! you can do almost anything on here from
  • Tracking Appointments, Activities and Events
  • Meal Planning
  • Multiple To-Do Lists
  • Multiple Grocery Lists (Great for us couponers!)
  • Store Recipes
  • Journal Family Events
  • Leave Messages For The Family

Some other great features are e-mail reminders, text your grocery list to your husband on his way home from work and much more!

Cozi is available online from your PC, Andoid or Apple devices.

There is a “Gold” version that offers more features however I am not sure I can justify $50.00 a year for an app.


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