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Cozi Meal Planning Tips

Anyone ever click on the tips tab of a program they are using??? Well I did today and found some great info, check it out all of this is great for meal planning with Cozi! (Information taken directly from Cozi)

In the Recipe Box, you can:

  • Add, store and access all your recipes in one place
  • Add ingredients from any recipe to your Cozi shopping list

In the Dinner Plan, you can:

  • Click on a day and start typing in a meal idea
  • Drag and drop recipes into your dinner plan, or move recipes from one day to another

How to add recipes from around the web:

Place the “Add to Cozi Meals” button on your toolbar to add recipes from other websites to your recipe box. To get the button on your toolbar, follow the instructions for your browser: (use this link here to get to the tips page and add to your toolbar)

  • Internet Explorer: Right click on this link:

    , and choose “Add to Favorites”. (If you get a security warning, say Yes.) In the Add a Favorite dialog, choose Favorites Bar in the “Create In” field.

  • Firefox: Right click on this link:

    and choose “Bookmark This Link”.

  • Chrome or Safari: DRAG this link to your browser’s bookmark toolbar (don’t just click the link):

    . Chrome users: You may need to turn on “Always show bookmark toolbar” in browser settings.

If you are using Cozi Express, you can reach this page on in your web browser to add these buttons to your browser toolbar.

Stock your recipe box with ideas from the Cozi picks section:

Cozi picks are family-friendly, family-tested dinner recipes.
Add a few Cozi picks to your own recipe box and get started dinner planning in a snap!


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