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As many of you know it is getting harder and harder to earn with Viggle, they once again upped the cost of the gift cards and have lowered the number of points that shows are worth, as well as many shows are on Paid Channels that many of us may not have.

We have to remember that Viggle is a Company and a FREE App so please don’t take it out on them if they loose money they will just disappear, and none of us want that.  With all new companies and businesses come changes and growing pains, so please just be patient and polite.

This was released earlier today from Viggle

Announces Termination of Former CEO Janet Scardino

(August 13, 2012) — Viggle Inc., the fast-growing loyalty program for television, announced today that Benjamin Chen, one of the company’s independent directors, has joined the Office of the Chairman.

Chen was the founder and CEO of Mochila, a leading content and syndication platform for delivering customized solutions for brand advertisers and premium publishers.  He has more than 25 years of experience working withboth startups and Fortune 500 companies which focus on media, online advertising and interactive agencies.

Robert F.X. Sillerman, Viggle’s Executive Chairman and CEO said: “The addition of Ben to the Office of the Chairman immediately gives Viggle extensive experience and recognized talent at the top level of management.  We look forward to working with Ben on a day-to-day basis.”

Sillerman also announced the termination of former Viggle CEO Janet Scardino’s employment with the Company.  Scardino had been removed from the Board of Directors and from her position as CEO in June.

Sillerman said:  “I want to thank Janet for her contributions to Viggle.”

About Viggle Inc.
Viggle Inc. (Symbol: VGGL) was founded by media entrepreneur Robert F.X. Sillerman who has pioneered a number of successful television, radio and live entertainment businesses. Sillerman created the company in June 2010 to develop businesses, products and services that encourage consumers to engage in different ways with entertainment such as TV, movies, games and music. The Company launched Viggle, a loyalty program for television in January 2012. Originally named Function(x) Inc., the Company changed its corporate name to Viggle Inc. in June 2012. For more information, follow us on Twitter @ViggleNews.

So we see that there are changes coming to their structure and must remember that they are not in the business of giving things away.

So now for a few tips on getting the most out of Viggle;

  • When having issues checking in try rebooting your device.
  • If having issues checking in try to check in midway or near the end of the clip.
  • Check in to the shows ASAP with the clips or your recorded shows as bonus points will only be available till 8 AM EST the following day.
  • Play the higher point shows first.
  • Make Sure you check in prior to the last 10 minutes of the show!
  • Try out trivia or Viggle Live!

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  1. I always find useful Viggle tips and tricks at ViggleBoy… It also posts daily check in schedule which comes right into my email and I simply check into the shows listed on Viggle Boy ( on the times mentioned there. It also lists and highlights any quizzes, streaks, answers for Viggle live and youtube videos for bonus check in’s. I have redeemed so many gift cards nad maxed out Viggle’s maximum earning potential so many days. I love this app and would like to continue earning gift cards from there…

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