Weekly Goals

Goals For This Week

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This is a little late in the week but I want to start setting weekly goals, I am working so hard to have us on a normal routine and our days to flow smoothly!

Family/ Marriage/ Mothering Goals

  • Spend More time with David.
  • Start back up The Love Dare.
  • Make it to 1 story time.

Personal Goals

  •  Get up by 6am each day.
  •  Start Reading Confessions of a Scary Mommy.
  •  Yoga each night before bed.
  •   Follow My Fitness Pal

Homemaking Goals

  •  Complete the meal plan for the next 2 weeks.
  •  Have the housework done by 9pm.
  •  Start my scarf for this winter.


  •  Monthly Savings Report.
  • One Educational Post
  • One deal each day.
  • Store Deals for the week.
  • Update on David.

Share your goals for the week with us!

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