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MyPoints.comAbout a year ago, I started using reward programs to earn gift cards, I came across  MyPoints, I love programs like this one because it is so simple!

So what’s MyPoints? The great appeal of MyPoints is that points can be earned without spending any money. Every member receives “bonus” emails, and clicking on the link in the email usually earns 5 points. And multiple emails go out every day. When you have enough points, you can redeem them for a variety of gift cards.

It really has been that simple. The lowest value gift cards are 500 points, so you can earn rewards extremely quickly.

On the other hand, the higher value gift cards require fewer points, proportionally. For instance, a $25 CVS gift card costs 3600 points, but a $50 CVS gift card is less than twice that at 7100 points.
In fact, I had been saving up all of my points for a $50 Amazon gift certificate (no longer available).

I love to save mine up for Kohl’s gift cards, one $10 gift card is just 1,650 points!

In addition to clicking through bonus emails, you can earn points by answering questions on the MyPoints site and taking surveys that they email you. The surveys are typically 10 points if you don’t qualify (and more points if you do). They don’t take very long, particularly if, like me, you select “prefer not to answer” whenever possible, since that seems to disqualify me quite often.

Other ways to earn points for free include downloading and using the MyPoints tool bar, playing their promotional games (usually held around holidays), and completing registrations and “exclusive offers“. You can also earn points by shopping through their portal (though I generally try to go through Ebates since that gives me cash back), playing their online games, using the MyPoints Visa, and referring other users.

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