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So I wanted to share some great Reward programs with you over the next few days,these will help you to earn some gift cards or extra cash before the holiday season!  Tonight I will start with SuperPoints.

SuperPoints is another great, easy way to ‘earn’ free money to spend at There is no credit card needed, of course! And this is one of the easiest ones that I have found!

Here’s how it works:
Sign up for free

  • Make sure you validate your email.
  • Fill out your basic profile.
  • You will probably start out with about 5 points. Some have reported being lucky and starting with more! 
  • Upload a picture to use as your profile picture. (Feel free to use something completely random.)

Now you wait!
Several times a week I will get a Lucky email saying I have won points. I click on the email link and I am awarded several points. (Usually 1 or 2, but occasionally I’ll get “lucky” and get 10 or 25!)

You can start inviting your friends to join as well. Every time they win SuperPoints, you get matching points!

You can also click the Super Lucky Button daily, the number of click you get depends on the level that you are ( the more people in you network the higher up you are and the more clicks you will get!) I personally get 100 clicks per day, I open 10 windows and just keep rotating through until I am done for the day.

Also make sure you check to see if there are any videos for you each day!

It takes a while before you get to redeem your Amazon gift card, but the more friends you have, the faster you earn your super points!

You can get a $5.00 Amazon card at 600 points BUT you have to have at least 5 friends to redeem at that point. Otherwise you have to wait till you have 1000 points. It’s really easy to get friends. Feel free to post your invite tokens on the Facebook wall and get friends that way too!

Ready to try it out? Just sign up here!
Have you tried SuperPoints yet? What do you think? Is it worth your time for free $5.00 Amazon money? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

***There are ways to get SuperPoints quicker by actually signing up for credit card offers or other promotional offers. Guess how many of those offers I’ve done? You got it! NONE! I want the free easy stuff, not something else to spend money on!

 SuperPoints Shut Down Fall 2012

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