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cork reader question

I revived a comment last night that was asking what papers I buy.

“I live near Dallas and am looking for newspapers to buy, which newspapers do you buy?”

As many of you know I live in the DFW Metroplex, I either buy the Dallas Morning News or The Star Telegram, A big hint is that I am able to buy these at Dollar Tree and they have the Early Edition by mid-day Saturday!

Most weeks I buy 4, I am only paying a dollar each for them and its helpful to have multiples of coupons for Kroger Mega Sales and CVS!

I hope this helps and also please comment below with your area and paper if you also buy them at Dollar Tree, I will compile a list!

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  1. I bought my first newspaper last weekend it’s was dallas morning since I didnt know of any. I live in a little town and my near by dollar stores dont sell any, thats the first place I looked. thanks for answering. what insert does start telegram have?

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