Couponing 101

Coupon Organization

Sunday is here you got your paper and now what do ya do with all of those coupons?

So now that you have all these coupons that there isn’t the right sale to pair them with yet what do ya do with them???? Well lets talk coupon organization! I use what I call a Hybrid method for organizing my coupons.

  •  I clip what I know I will use or might have a good chance of using if the right sale comes along.
  • Then I put the clipped ones in my binder
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Coupons are sorted in to piles that go along with the tabs in my binder (as seen above), the table of contents for my binder is seen below I use the categories found here on Hip2Save. My binder also has an accordion file setup on the inside of the front cover where I store my store ads and coupons waiting to be put away.
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I use baseball card pages to organize my coupons in my binder, under each tab i group like items together such as toilet paper and paper towels.  If I have 3 coupons different for the same item and same value I put the one that expires first in front so I use it first!

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  • All of the remaining coupons are left whole in the insert.
  • I date it with when it came out such as 6/17/12
  • Below that I write EXP and the date of the lastest expiring coupon in the insert suck as EXP 9/31/12.
  • All like ones IE my 4 Red Plums are put together in 1 page protector in my insert binder.  (If you want to check to see if a insert is expired you can check out the information found here)

If I am looking for a coupon that I didn’t clip I use the coupon database on Money Saving Mom!

Here to the left you see my coupon organizer that I keep in my purse!

Each store has its own section, I cut down dividers to fit in it!  I found it in an Etsy shop found here 

****UPDATE**** I am back to clipping all of my coupons because it was difficult to do Kroger Mega Sales with out them that way!

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