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ECB what are they? How do I roll them?


 What are Extra Care Bucks (ECB)?

Extra Care Bucks, what are they? I like to think of them as free money or CVS money. Extra Care Bucks print out on your receipt after the transaction is complete.

Here are a few facts about Extra Care Bucks:

  • ECB’s can be used for almost anything in CVS with a few exclusions: Alcohol, tobacco, lottery and some gift cards.
  • ECB’s are a form of payment not a coupon. This means you can use them with a manufacturers coupon and store coupon.
  • ECB’s expire normally two weeks from the date they print out.
  • The Magic Coupon Machine will print out ECB’s sometimes, usually every three months when you have spent a specific amount towards select products.
  • You can use multiple ECB’s in a transaction or shopping trip.
I like many people roll my ECB’s, which means I plan a shopping trip using ECB’s to pay the OOP (Out Of Pocket or amount you actually pay) and gain more ECB’s from that purchase. Doing this  will lower or sometimes eliminate my OOP. Then I  have more ECB’s to use for my next transaction or shopping trip.

How do I roll them?

I will explain this by breaking down one of my previous transactions.

IMG104, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Now this was done in just 1 trans action and had a higher than normal oop because I did not want to “burn” ECB (use more than I was earning)

(6) Finish Dishwasher Gel Packs     $3.50 each
(3) Milkey Ways                              $0.75 each  (sale crossed over from previous week)
(1) Venus Razor                               $8.99
(1) CVS Body Wash                         $2.37

(1) 4/20 CVS coupon
(6) $0.75 off Finish
(1) Buy 2 get 1 free on Mars Candy
(1) $2.00 off any Venus Razor
(1) $3.00 off CVS Body wash  (CVS normaly will not produce overage however this one did and the cashier was like well whatever)
$10.00 ECB
$4.00 ECB

$10.00 ECB
$4.00 ECB

As you can see I used ECB that I had previously earned, I also earned more ECB that I now have to use next week!  That is “rolling” your rewards!

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