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My Goals for 2013

I want to start this off with a quote that I came across on Money Saving Mom

“A very wise ecclesiastical leader once told me that if you are attaining 100% your goals, you are setting them too low and need to challenge yourself further. If you don’t attain any of your goals and working hard at all of them, you are setting them too high. You should aim to achieve about 75% of the goals you set… -Amber”

With that said I really hope I attain all of my goals this year, so that I set them HIGHER Next year! Now for the GOALS!

Goals for 2013



  • Read through the Bible in 2 years using this plan.
  • Read 6 books…( I haven’t read any that weren’t cardboard in the last year)
  • Loose 30 Pounds by the end of May. (More on how I will do this in the next few days and how you can join me!)
  • Exercise regularly.


  • Complete the Love Dare.
  • Have regular date nights.  


  • Spend more time playing with David.
  • Have regular family outings.
  • Regularly attend Mommy & Me.
  • Begin Reading with David.
  • Take David outside to play when the weather is nice!


  • Complete meal planning each Monday.
  • Follow a Cleaning Schedule.
  • Clean out and organize the office.
  • Complete one crochet project.


  • Use Cozi more often to stay organized.
  • Limit blogging to early mornings before David wakes and his nap time
  • Post a daily coupon round-up.
  • Post Daily Dose.
  • Work on weekly match-ups and trip break downs.
  • Work on NEW educational posts.


  • Keep up on my binder.
  • Keep up on reward programs such as Swagbucks, and Ibotta.
  • Regularly enter receipts to keep up with a savings tracker found here.
  • Work on growing my grocery stock.


  • Start tucking money away into savings.
  • Replace my car

Money Saving Mom encouraged everyone to choose a word to live by this year and my word is…

 Meaning to grow and thrive; be healthy and vigorous.

On the 4th Friday of each month I will post an update on how my goals are going! Each Monday I will post my goals for the week!

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