Couponing 101

Realistic Couponing Part 2

So, I wanted to share some more information on realistic couponing…

Generic VS Name Brands


So in the couponing world it is difficult to find coupons for generic items (except at target) so in most instances name brand is cheaper when paired with a sale and/or coupon.  However when shopping for items that you don’t have a coupon for, generic is usually cheaper… But I want to remind you to always read the price tags because this is not always the case, as you can see in the picture above. Remember to look all around, a lot of times the best deal may not be found at eye level of the shelves for instance the best deal here was the name brand on the top shelf. There are times we need something and there are no coupons out for that type of product.

Also, calculate the price per ounce for instance the relish is 9oz, so $0.99 divided by 9oz is $0.11 per ounce on the Vlasic, however Targets brand would be $0.13 per ounce so the better deal is the name brand!

And don’t forget to check sale ads and compare prices, both Walmart and Target price match, (you can check there coupon and price match policies here).   I always take my qs that will double or triple to a store that offers that and match it with a sale (if possible)!

I really am trying to limit my trips to one per week to each store… meaning just one trip to Target, one to CVS, and one to either Kroger, Albertsons, or Tom Thumb!

Keep a Price Book

A Price book is used to track what retail is for an item and what your stock up price is for an item, for example my stock up price for cereal is $1.00 per box or less, where retail may be  $4.79 per box so I put that down in the price book, I keep my price book in my binder.

I use the price book that Money Saving Mom has here on her site, it is a free printable!

Errors in THAT Show…

So, there were many errors that an experienced couponer could have picked out of last nights episodes, for instance I know for a fact that several coupons were misused as well as several coupons were fake, we know this because there have been news stories about them as well as they are listed on the Coupon Information Corporation’s (CIC) website! 

For more information on the errors recent episodes of Extreme Couponing read the article found here.

Also many of you may have noticed that one person was dumpster diving for coupons, not only is this disgusting but it is also very ILLEGAL and in many states you may be fined!

Tracking your savings… 

I like to track my savings just so that I know how much I am saving with my coupons , as you cans see with my Monthly Savings Reports, I do that with the savings tracker found on  Coupon Project.

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