A Trip Down Memory Lane… The Garden…

We always had a garden growing up, with  cute little hand painted signs that my mom made out of old fence boards and paint sticks for each thing that we grew.  Growing up with this was so nice, I came to love all kinds of fruits and veggies as well as even flowers in my salads :-).  I always enjoyed it, even Grandma had a huge one where I learned to eat foods like fresh beets.  Mmmmmmmm!  I have heard stories of me going out as a little toddler and picking strawberries and running back in to say “Burries Grandma, burries Grandma”.  As an adult I still really love FRESH fruits and veggies of all kinds, and love my fresh herbs and flowers out in the yard, and let me tell you I have a 22 month old little boy who loves to share a salad with mommy. I even have to store all of our produce in the garage fridge or David will help himself all day long!  Okay now a little confession I have to tell you, now that I work in hospitals,  I absolutely hate getting my hands dirty so I wear disposable gloves under my garden gloves LOL.


So with all of that I really want to do a garden with David this summer, however we rent the house we are living in so I don’t want to do too much that would need to be removed later.  With that said I decided to try out Square foot Gardening with a raised bed.  Being that this is our first year doing this, I will start out with a 3×3 bed giving me 9 Squares to work with.

I haven’t yet figured out what all is going in the bed, this is all still a work in progress that I will share with you as the spring and summer progress.  We will start this weekend by making a Compost bin, Check back tomorrow for more on that!  To get you started on planning your Square Foot Garden I have made up a couple of garden planners one for a 3×3 bed and one for a 4×4 bed!

I will be researching plans for the bed and will share some with you when I have them!

Thanks for the picture Mom!

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  1. Check out – or Google Pallet Gardening! Just staple weed cloth to the bottom of an old shipping pallet, fill with garden soil and you’re ready to plant in rows of nearly weed free enjoyment!

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