Challenge, Early to Rise Challenge

Early to Rise for all!


Ok so I am really really enjoying my early mornings… Things are changing a little with how my time will be spent and today David through me a curve ball ( a little more about that in a bit!)

Kevin’s start time at work changed just a bit this week from 6:00am to 6:30 am… However we still got up together at the same time as usual.  All weekend Kevin was up with me before I left too which was nice as I was able to make out bed before work and just having that one thing done is so nice!

So here is my screen shot!

As you can see from the time of it I forgot to snap one when I first got up… I was up at 4:05… by the time I took this I had made Cinnamon Rolls, cleaned up the kitchen, had a shower, changed our sheets, and changed David’s sheets!
David was up early because his diaper leaked… We are using Huggies Overnight diapers and they are leaking several times a week, he is 28 pounds and in a 5… I am going to really try to limit his evening fluids and am looking for other ideas on this problem, if you have any experience PLEASE share what worked for you!
I am not bothered by him being up early today we enjoyed some awesome morning snuggles, but I don’t want him loosing sleep over this!

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