Early to Rise … Not So Easy

So I missed writing yesterdays post as I was working hard to quickly get use moved over to prevent the site from being down for too long!

I started out at …

 photo dfee0861-1904-4504-8588-53a138e44aee_zps9f6e9b78.jpg
Not to bad still up fairly early!  I however didn’t make it to bed till almost 12am so today was a little harder.  However I still was up before the sun was at …

 photo f2eafb48-f6fe-4127-ae18-fa3d2f2e2943_zps5e3dcb3b.jpg

With that being said today will be a long day on just a bit of sleep!  We will be going and having some special pictures done for Easter this evening as well as dying Easter Eggs!  Now I think I had better go find another cup of coffee!

6 thoughts on “Early to Rise … Not So Easy”

  1. You are crazy! Up at 4:30?? Would not ever happen for me. 6 a.m is the earliest I can do. And even then I will probably hate my life that day. Ha

    1. It is actually REALLY nice, I spend a bit of time with Kevin before he leaves for work, then I am able to have a nice relaxing shower and get a few things done around the house and on the blog all while enjoying some peace and quite. I also get to drink my coffee while it is HOT!

  2. I hope your day goes well for you. I woke up at 4:00 am myself but since I was up until 11:30 I decided to sleep until my alarm at 6:00. We have a busy day with family coming to stay for the weekend and I didn’t want to be tired.

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