Reward Programs

Plink – Earn rewards for everyday purchases at select retailers – a new rewards program!

If you are looking for a new way to earn extra money for everyday purchases, head on over here and sign up for Plink! Plink basically rewards you for everyday shopping at your favorite stores or restaurants like Regal Cinemas, Taco Bell, Arbys and more! There are no coupons to clip and no receipts to scan you. You just add a credit or debit card to your plink account and they do the rest of the work! Once you have made a purchase with the qualifying credit or debit card, plink will add points to your account. You can cash out with as little as $5 in points in your account for retailer gift cards from places like Walmart, Amazon and Home Depot! Since there is no work for you to do after the initial sign up, this seems like a pretty easy way to earn FREE money!

New to digital coupons and Reward Programs? Here are a few others you may want to try out:

Saving Star – digital coupons for stores like Giant Eagle, Kroger and CVS
ibotta – Earn cash back on everyday items at select retailers like Kroger, Target and Walmart
Endorse – Earn cash back on everyday items like diapers, coffee and more! – Works at ALL retail stores (including online purchases)

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