30-Day House Cleaning, Challenge

30 Day House Cleaning Challenge Day 18

So we had a lazy morning and early afternoon, I loved sleeping late and laying in bed listening to the wind and rain this morning, only thing that could of made it better was Kevin or David to snuggle with!   Thus the reason I am just getting around to this…

So today’s task is one that I think we all hate! Clean out your refrigerator and/or organize your pantry.

Ok so here is how I tackle this one!

  • Remove every thing from the fridge checking dates and wiping the bottles and all down as ya go!
  • Remove shelves and clean them.
  • Wipe out crisper drawer, I like to line it with paper towels when I am done.
  • Wipe down the rest of the interior.
  • Lastly put every thing away and then wipe down the outside!

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