30-Day House Cleaning, Challenge

30-Day House Cleaning Challenge Day 22

Yay, I am on time with this!

Today we surface clean the bedrooms…  This is very fitting for today, because I always do our sheets and all!

  • Set the timer for 20 minutes (this can be done for each room), start by picking up any dirty clothes and putting them in the hamper.
  • return all items that don’t belong in the room to their rightful places.
  • Make the bed, change the sheets if needed.
  • Dust surfaces.
  • Lastly run the vacuum or sweep the floors!
  • If you have time remaining you can spot clean the walls and doors!

Money Saving Mom’s ideas for this last week were

  • Set the timer for 20 minutes and pick up and put away all items that are out of place. (Bonus: find 7 items to get rid of.)
  • Pull out any items under the bed that don’t below under the bed and make the bed (wash sheets/bedding, if needed).
  • Vacuum/sweep the room. (Bonus: use an attachment on the vacuum to vacuum around the baseboards and vacuum under the bed.)
  • Clean fingerprints on the windows.
  • Bonus: Spot-clean the carpets and walls.
  • You’re done!

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