30-Day House Cleaning, Challenge

30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Day 3 Update

So today’s task was to tackle the bedrooms, and what many of you may not know about me is that I am some what OCD when it comes to cleaning my house, majority of the work is done on Mondays after I work the weekend and want it back in order so that I can enjoy my week.

So with that being said i just had to put some laundry away and make the beds….


So the answer is yes my room usually looks like this unless there is a load of was to fold or coupons to put away :-), I get up very early every day now and get the bed made almost right away!

So the list I gave this morning was suggestions, I didn’t have to do any of it .

As for David’s room I can’t take pictures because he is in bed, but maybe a couple of readers who are friends will chime in and tell you that yes it is very organized his toy bins are all labeled and everything goes back in its place, David will even help clean it all up!

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