30-Day House Cleaning, Challenge

30 Day House Cleaning Challenge Days 11-17

Ok so I know I have gotten WAY behind on this so I will tell ya what the last few days have been and give ya today’s with some ideas to go with it… some of these are covered in past posts and can be found here!

Day 11 the task was to clean your bathroom(s).
Day 12 the task was to clean out a closet or two.
Day 13 the task was to surface clean an extra room.
Day 14 the task was to deep clean a bedroom.
Day 15 the task was to surface clean the living room and kitchen.
Day 16 the task was to deep clean your bathroom(s).

And today day 17 the task is to wipe down your door knobs and light switch plates.

  • For this one you could use either a Magic Eraser or the Cheaper version found on amazon… Magic Eraser (melamine sponge) Yep, that is right they can be gotten for much less online without the name brand… And lets face it with a toddler 30 of them might last a year LOL!
  • Or use a cleaning clothe and a multipurpose cleaner.
  • In all this should really only take about 10 minutes to get the whole house!

As for an update on these things, they are becoming part of my regular cleaning routines it is getting better and better! Last night I even stocked up on my favorite cleaning supplies!  More on why I need so much bathroom cleaner a little later!  I am off to wipe down the light switches!

kroger cleaning


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