30-Day House Cleaning, Challenge, Clutter-Busting


So it is time to wrap up the 30 Days of House Cleaning and move on to our next challenge…

Day 29 clean one thing (such as your dresser drawer, the microwave, oven, etc.)

Day 30 clean all your electronics (computer, TV, iPad, iPod, smartphones, etc.)

I will be cleaning my laptop later on tonight, the rest of the electronics are done when I dust and all!   As for  my one thing… The microwave will be done tonight while I fix dinner!

Now for out next challenge, I have to admit I am embarrassed over this photo…


Sadly yes I took this picture in our home, and well it our spare room, and just one corner of it at that, well this month it gets talked!   When we moved we had a book case fall apart, and well as for the other items in the boxes, I know some are CD’s, one holds a foot spa and a deflated exercise ball 😮 And as for the rest, I have to be entirely honest I don’t know what it is…

I will work my way through the house, but most of it will come from this one room!

Here is what Money Saving Mom has to say about how this will work!

Beginning May 1, 2013, I’ll be hosting a Clutter-Busting Challenge right here on MoneySavingMom.com.

I’ll be going through my house from top to bottom during the month of May. And to keep me motivated and accountable, every week day at 2 p.m., I’ll be posting a picture of 7 things I got rid of that day.

I’ll invite you to join me in this project, by challenging yourself to find 7 things to get rid of every day, too. I’ll have a link-up on the daily post where you can share a picture of the 7 things you got rid of that day, too.

I too will post daily along with Crystal!

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