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Here is a crash course in Walgreens Balance Reward

So while I work today I have a guest post for y’all!

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What is Walgreens Balance Reward Points?

Are you confused by Walgreens Balance Rewards Program? Hopefully this will clarify everything for you.
Walgreens balance rewards program is a new program where you can earn points for specific items your buy in the store and online. Every week when the new ad comes out you will see new items with point earning offers.
To sign up for this program, head here and they will send you a Balance Reward card. You can use this card when you shop and don’t worry if you forget the card, they can look you up by phone number so remember to register your card ASAP.
So how do you earn points?
There are a few basic ways to earn points:
Buy items that have point rewards attached to them ( you will see this on the price sticker at the store or next to the price online)
Earn 500 points everytime you pick up your perscription
Earn 500 points for a flu shot
Participate in Walk with Walgreens to earn 10 points for every mile you walk.
 How much is your points worth? Well 1,000 points is equal to $1.00. You can only cash in your points when you get to 5,000 or $5.00
Here is a great breakdown for the balance rewards:
So now that you know how to get points and how much the point are worth. Your gonna want to know how many points you have. Right?
Well if you look at the bottom of your receipt you will see a summary. I also recommend you download the app, you can check everything about your account on that.
So do these points expire?
Yes, approximately 36 months from when you earn them, but if you have no account activity for 6 months, then they will expire faster. So watch those dates!
So now what about Register Rewards?
Register Rewards is staying for now, so in your weekly ad you will see deals for both Register Rewards and Balance Rewards.
So here is the fine print about coupons, register rewards and balance rewards working together.

-Coupons do not affect the number of points you get on advertised Balance Rewards offers. So just keep on using your coupons like you normally would, and you’ll still receive the amount of points advertised for the item you’re buying!
-There is not a limit per transaction like there is with the Register Rewards. You can buy as many items per transaction as you’d like, and get points for each item. For example: If you buy 4 deodorants that each earn you 1,000 points, you’ll earn a total of 4,000 points!
-However, on the Buy $ Get Points deals, you’ll have to do separate transactions. So if the deal is Buy $15 worth of something Get 5,000 points, you can only do one per transaction. But if it is buy a specific item Get 5,000 points, you can do multiple per transaction.
-If you pay with points, you will NOT earn any points on your purchase.
-If you pay with points, your Register Rewards WILL print.
-If you pay with Register Rewards, you WILL earn your Balance Rewards points.


Now this is a summary of how this works, but it like everything in life it always changes. So if you know something else about this program. Please share with me so I can pass along the info!

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