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Building a Pallet Garden Bed

So I built my garden bed a couple of weeks ago and all is going well with it.  I am going to give some instructions on how you can build one of your own!

Materials Needed:

  • 3 pallets
  • Weed Cloth
  • Circular Saw
  • 2 Inch Nails
  • Hammer
  • 4 Wide Fence Boards
  • Staple Gun

So a couple of notes to start, all of your wood should be untreated, no one wants to eat things that were grown in pressure treated wood boxes!

We did this the hard way, but next time we will use a saw, Kevin removed what I needed removed using a Small Sledge Hammer as he would call it a BFH and a Crow Bar.

48x40 edit




  1. Using your circular saw remove the boards indicated above, Then re attach them to the open ENDS of the pallet with your nails and hammer.
  2. On the pallet where all of the boards are left on once side attach weed cloth using the staple gun.
  3. Place the pallet that is covered with weed cloth, weed cloth down and stack the reaming pallets on top of it.
  4. The ends you attached boards to will be the front and back of your bed.  Attach weed cloth to the sides once again using the staple gun.  This is to prevent dirt from washing out of the bed.
  5. Now measure the sides covered with the weed cloth and cut down the fence boards to fit.
  6. Attach the fence boards to the sides to hide the unsightly weed cloth and prevent little ones from removing it. (Before adding the fence boards I got to reapply mine…)

I filled my bed with mushroom compost and top soil mixed together!

garden bed

This is before I added the fence boards, can’t get out there for a picture due to the yard being soaked from the storm today!  As you can see one of my pallets was smaller but I worked with it, I planted my cucumbers there because they will spill out the sides. You can also see why the weed cloth is needed on the sides for spillage!



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