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Bye Bye Bugs

Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer Once & Done! Granules

We are treating the yards with Spectracide Triazicide, and using Ortho home Defense to hopefully combat these Texas bugs! Also just put down some grass seed!

Lets see how well this all works!

So after spreading this and the grass seed I found out that it cannot come into contact with your edibles at all…

Thank you for contacting United Industries.

If using the Spectracide Triazicide liquid; if the product is applied to any edibles not listed on the label they can be consumed after 21 days. This is only if the edibles only received one application of the product. If applied more, these edibles would have to be discarded.

If using the Spectracide Triazicide granules; if the product has been applied to edibles they cannot be consumed at any time and would need to be discarded.

So I tossed the plants and dirt, when I went ito Home Depot and explained what happened the offered to replace the dirt and plants.

Friday evening I got it all put back together other than the fence boards that go on the sides. Monday I will post an update with picture.

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