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Garden Update

Yay, so all is going well seeds are starting to pop up and I am starting to get the rest of the yard in order for the summer!

So my Nasturtiums are doing well on the side where I did nothing to the seeds, on the side where I altered the seeds only 2 have come up, so I will be planing more un-altered seeds.


Now the rest of the garden is doing alright, the tomato has its first little one and lots of blooms, the peepers are popping up and the lemon cucumbers will take off soon I am sure.

Fresh Herbs went in the pot a couple of  nights ago after the rains, I will be watering them less to see if that helps, and I was also told to grow together what you can put in a pot together to cook with so the cilantro should have never been with the basil!

Garden update1

Check back next week for another update and see about what else is being done in the yard!  I am off to add to the compost bin!

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