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While chatting with my mom the other day she told me that Nasturtiums are very hard to germinate if you don’t help them along, I never knew she had to give them a boost… She told me what she used to do and on to some research I  went.

Nasturtiums have a hard outer coating so they have trouble breaking though, I kinda thought they looked odd as I put the first packet in the ground this morning…


So I found that there are a few ways to get them started:

  • File one side slightly with a nail file
  • Nip them with nail clippers
  • Soak them in water for a few days

I nipped some, filed some and then added some that I hadn’t altered and the others to a jar of water to sit for a few days… We shall see what happens in a few weeks when I get them into the ground and they have a chance to get started…

I also found that they like to stay very wet when they first start out so water well daily, and they like darkness when starting out so start them in dirt rather than some other methods that occur indoors!

On another note I am having to order my Lemon Cucumber seeds on Amazon…

Burpee 66993 Cucumber Lemon Seed Packet

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