Where was David’s Mommy?

So a lot has happened over the last few weeks to cause me to be MIA…

My sister moved in with us and the night she arrived someone TRIED to steal David’s Daddy’s truck.  Well after getting it fixed, (it ended up taking a locksmith 4 hours to drill the ignition out…) Below is what it looked like while Kevin tried to fix it himself, lets just say they really wanted his truck because normally he can fix just about anything with our cars. and when they couldn’t get the truck  they took an 8 year old stereo. SMH!

983969_10200108188814612_1019346840_nSo we spent the next week playing catch up because while the truck was down we only had my car which has no A/C.  Emma began looking for work and we spent some time together.

Well Tuesday this past week Kevin and I were awoken just before 4 am because the house was hot… Yep you guessed it sometime overnight the A/C had gone out and it was 80 degrees F. in the house.  A repair man came out and got it up and going and we were down from 89 degrees F. to 76 degrees F. when I headed to bed.  Well it wasn’t fixed once again just before 4am we were awoken by it being hot in the house and we were back at 80 degrees F. another repair man came out and got that fixed for good this time lol.

So yesterday I went to get a couple of tires put on the car and it started to act funny well yep you guessed it it died in a parking lot a block from the tire shop. We thought the battery was on its way out because the light had come on earlier in the week but it was a sperratic on so we were waiting it out because Wal-Mart was out of my battery.  Well guess what it wasn’t even the battery! It was the alternator.

Lots of cuteness has occurred with David with aunty Em here though and he is talking so much more!


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