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Coupon Organization…

Ok so I have tried A LOT of ways to organize my coupons… And while all of them work different ones work for different people and your method may have to change with your life.  And well David is now 2 and taking a bulky binder into the store and trying to use it and keep him in the cart isn’t working anymore!  I have also worn out a many of binders!

Remember the number one way to be successful with coupons is keeping them organized!

So I have used the binder, I clipped all coupons and put them into the baseball card pages.

IMG243 IMG241







I have tried the Hybrid method I clipped what I knew I could use put it in the binder and the rest stayed whole, and were put into another binder in page protectors with the date they came out and the date that the last coupon would expires.  This was great till I wanted to hit up a Kroger Mega sale, I couldn’t remember what coupons were out because well I hadn’t clipped most of them.

IMG245I went back to my binder after this 🙂

Next I tried a coupon organizer, I had a large stock only needed 1 paper a week so this worked for a few months till my stock was depleted. It was neat it had  Velcro to secure it  on to the cart out of David’s reach. I could pull them as I went but yeah I needed 4 papers a week again.




I went back to a binder and well now here we are … I ordered another organizer just like the one above that was larger and thought that between the 2 it would surely work. well boy was I wrong…

crap ton of couponsHere we are tonight they were spilling out of the organizers and I had to do something… well surely this isn’t going to work and y’all know that!

So here is my plan I have been watching how some friends who coupon organize and I will be ordering this! (In a print that suites me of course!)








I will fill it with these …

31HDnPdUEpL._SX385_They are 4x6inch file folders and I will have 58 different categories! And It too will attach to the cart!  It is waterproof for those freak Texas Rain storms and well yeah David protection LOL.


For a copy of my Table of Contents to check out how I will label my folders check out this Google Doc.


With this I keep a 1/2 inch binder with my materials for teaching classes as well as my policies and so on :-).

On a side note when I clip my coupons I stack my 4 like pages together and then staple each q That I plan to clip through the 4 so I cut just once for each q and all of my like ones stay together.  Just be careful not to staple through your bar-codes!

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