Weekly Goals

Goals for the week of 9/22/13

So earlier this summer my sister Emma moved in with us and since I have switched to working night shift so that we can attend Church as a family!   This has kid of turned our routines upside down so here are my goals for the week!


  • Create a meal Plan for this week and Next and stick to it!
  • Create a grocery list that goes with the meal plan.
  • Try 1 new recipe!
  • Begin using Cozi again to keep us on track!
  • Create a new cleaning schedule and add it to Cozi.


  • Create 1 new post each Day.


  • Clean out coupons.
  • Re-enforce folder tabs.
  • Create an updated table of contents.
  • Complete 1 trip to CVS and 1 trip to Target.


  • Complete Daily Readings.
  • Attend Mom’s Group.
  • Begin Love Dare (AGAIN).


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