Challenge, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge: Day 1



So step 1 is to just say no today’s challenge was to write out tomorrows to-do list, and then cross off 3 things!  So I crossed off fist the thing I had put on their twice 😛 then I crossed off a task I can delegate and lastly an item that can wait a day or 2 when I have less to do in a day!

I guess it is kind of sad that my list is this long on my Birthday even, at least this year bake a cake isn’t on there!

I liked this so much that I did the same with my goals for the year!

I crossed off:
-Read more with David because that falls into more time with him throughout the day.
-Using my calender more because that falls into being more organized.
– And keep up with the cleaning because that also falls into the organizing!

I have been working to saying no to more around the house before this challenge, I am trying so hard to eliminate clutter as Crystal talks about in the beginning of the book, I seriously think I will have to call the garbage company for a larger can soon because I cant believe the amount of JUNK I am tossing out!

Her is to saying NO in 2014 in all that we are!

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