4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, Challenge

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Day 6

Ok so I am way worn out! So let’s make this short and sweet!  We started the day with the house clean.  I did get the sheets changed and then we went out and enjoyed the weather.

I tackled the couches while David napped today and moved some of the living room furniture around.  Let me just say the couches were not as bad as I thought!  Pst… I think Crystal has the same couch different color.

69569_726765264025022_835155471_n 1972408_726765287358353_71216189_n


I will get you an after picture tomorrow as Kevin is laying on the freshly cleaned couch lol.

After Kevin got home I sent him to tackle washing my Jeep.



I just got back a bit ago from taking it to vacuum it out, I keep it pretty well cleaned out onf a regular basis but by the time I took it up to vacuum it the stupid little black birds had nailed it!

Still nothing to get rid of maybe tomorrow!  for now I am off to finish cleaning up so I can get up early finish the laundry and make a snack to take to our mom’s group at church.

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