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Stacking at Target (Reader Questions)

I have had a couple of reader questions this morning… I addressed them on Facebook but thought it would good to be able to find them later on so here they are!

Ok so I was just asked about stacking at Target so to clarify here. You can stack a Target Q (from an insert, mobile or IP) with a manufacturer’s coupon with Cartwheel, with a Red Card if you have one. Also If you have a Pharmacy Reward it can be added on to this.

So if you are using the $10 off of $50 grocery q you may use it with the Target coupon for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (found on their website) with the manufacturer’s one from this past weekend, with Cartwheel.





This particular Target mobile questions has 14 offers attached to it. As you can see I have used a few of them already. But I can still use it for the yogurt. Each offer attached to it can be used once.

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