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Best Colors for Kitchen Cabinets


Are you thinking of updating the kitchen this summer?  Check out how simply changing your cabinet colors can make the world of difference!

Working in a dull kitchen puts off the women! Thus, it is very important to have a nice and
vibrant color kitchen. If you are also bored of your existing kitchen, then begin by remodeling
the kitchen cabinets. It is the easiest way to brighten up the kitchen décor.

Choosing the right color for the kitchen cabinets is tough and tricky as they are focal point of
your kitchen. Not only do the cabinets need to be in sync with the rest of the house’s color/
decor theme, they also need to be warm- bright colored. They can neither be funky nor dull.
Here are some sure shot color choices that you can rely on. They will lend a classy stylish feel to your kitchen.

• Blue: Blue kitchens are quite in these days. They go really well with a white theme in
the house. Washed blue cabinets give your kitchen a very cozy feel. There is a range to
choose from- from sky blue to brighter blues. These shades also gel well with cream and
yellowish themes in the house.

• Red: Red color cabinets can look very classy with some balanced lighting and a light
– colored background. Black furniture and white crockery pieces will add elegance to
the red colored cabinets. And this can really enhance your overall home improvement
project. Try and look for good online deals at They have a range of
coupons to choose from for the well known home furnishing stores.

• White: White never goes out of style. It also blends well with both traditional and
contemporary themes. Especially antique white complements wooden floor settings
quite well. They can be combined with blue, buttery yellow, black as well as red or pink
color themes. Although, one must remember that white cabinets demand much more
maintenance careful handling.

• Sage: Sage is for those who want a calm, composed and yet casual setting for their
kitchen. Sage cabinets demand very carefully selected kitchen fittings to give the kitchen
the peaceful vibes. You can really enjoy early morning breakfast in a sage backdrop,
especially if you have big windows in your kitchen. Since wood tones also go very well
with sage, you could try a range of wooden options for your kitchen table.

You could also go for a green kitchen in which case you will have buttery yellow, white and
beige as your kitchen cabinet color options. This combination can be a real hit for those who
have an attached kitchen garden.

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