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Weight Loss

So I am slowly getting the junk out of my diet, I am trying to get back to clean eating and the 21 day fix.  Although I am meeting this with a few roadblocks.

My back has been giving me issues following David running at me and across my leg that was half in the air while sitting on the floor with baby Patrick last week (way to make mommy feel her age!).

My problems were just made more know from this it actually from 2 babies, 2 c-sections, my excess weight, being out of shape and I am sure what I do at work contributed as with my tummy muscles being so weak.

So I am happy that I am 2 pounds down this morning  leaving me with 22 to go by 4/30/16 to meet my first goal of the year!

Can’t wait to use my stickers to mark my milestones in my planner!!! il_570xN.892446133_lytn

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