4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, Challenge

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Days 8-18


Ok oops took too much time off from the blog.  I was busy creating some stuff off of Pinterest, then I had to play catch up around the house…

I Have been still working on the daily projects I just haven’t posted about them so here they come!

Although I did not blog the days of the challenge I was still doing all of the tasks and continue to be woring on getting the house cleaner and rid ourselves of clutter!

When I cleaned the microwave I was sure to pick up a plate cover to save us from the utter mess that  we had from happening again!

 Now how many of you remember Webster for all the cob webs, if you a 90’s kid I am sure you do!  Well meed his cousin he helps with the celing fans!

I use this thing for cob webs fans and all things hard to reach!  just toss an old sheet down to keep from making a major mess!


All stuff I have gotten rid of!



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4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Day 7


OK so today I got to take it easy for the challenge because we’ll I did the walls and baseboards last week!

But this just meant I tackled other parts of my to do list.  I got my coupons done and dinner ready by 6!  I taught a coupon class tonight for a very nice family!

Also our weather was great today so we enjoyed it!


And every night after dinner we run the vacuum through the house.

Ok off to bed good night!

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, Challenge

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Day 6

Ok so I am way worn out! So let’s make this short and sweet!  We started the day with the house clean.  I did get the sheets changed and then we went out and enjoyed the weather.

I tackled the couches while David napped today and moved some of the living room furniture around.  Let me just say the couches were not as bad as I thought!  Pst… I think Crystal has the same couch different color.

69569_726765264025022_835155471_n 1972408_726765287358353_71216189_n


I will get you an after picture tomorrow as Kevin is laying on the freshly cleaned couch lol.

After Kevin got home I sent him to tackle washing my Jeep.



I just got back a bit ago from taking it to vacuum it out, I keep it pretty well cleaned out onf a regular basis but by the time I took it up to vacuum it the stupid little black birds had nailed it!

Still nothing to get rid of maybe tomorrow!  for now I am off to finish cleaning up so I can get up early finish the laundry and make a snack to take to our mom’s group at church.

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, Challenge

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Day 5

Ok so no picture tonight becaue I am writing this real quick from work :-O .

I did not get to vacumming under the couches or the cushions over the last 2 days, but next weekend my grandparents will be in town from California.  I have not seen them since Christmas 2010, so they will be meeting David for the first time 😀 .

So Monday Kevin will be returning to work, he has been home with us for almost 2 months now,  following the end of a contract.  This will be the first time that our house will be back to our normal since june of last year…  So I will be up bright and early and starting to tackle household chores.  David and I will use a broom to clear all the crumbs from the couches as I have tried to vacuum them before and it didn’t work well so I gave up, we will then move the couch (it is light) and get under them… I haven’t done this since we got them in 2011. 

I haven’t had time to myself but will work on catching up on my daily readings for Lent tomorrow afternoon when I wake up, a cup of coffee and my reading should set a great tone before i head off to work 🙂 .

Lot’s of other cleaning will need to be done next week including part of the carpet.   So David and I will be busy preparing the house.  Anyone else notice the cleaning spree’s before out-of-town visitors arrive???

Hopefully next week I can fins some stuff to purge!

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, Challenge

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Day 4

Ok so I got off really easy today… I had cleaned the bathrooms yesterday, other than taking out the trash.  So I took out the trash, and then as far as under the beds is concerned I got off easy there too… Guess sometimes it pays to be a bit OCD…

So we use bed risers under ours to create storage space for …

Because all of these paper products  our stored under our bed ...
Because all of these paper products our stored under our bed …
And I swear one of these nights that Kevin is going to have a nightmare that all the toilet paper and paper towels are attacking! But as others would say we are ready for a zombie apocalypse!

So yeah no pictures, although it is kept neat!  As for under David’s bed I keep nothing under it!  Although at one time I did have a bunch of 12 packs of coke under his crib.

Ok  so still no 7 items to get rid of … I really need to work on that next week!

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, Challenge

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Day 3

So I just got around to all of this as today kicked off the Lenten Season with Ash Wednesday… We were in church at noon and by the time we got home and did our light lunch it took forever to get David down for a nap which then drug into a late night.

So we will start with our bedroom…  Not really that bad and normally it isn’t unless I get way behind on the clean laundry.



The picture looks cut off but it was just how the flash made it look… Say hello  to the Fuzzy that David calls Haha (Holly)  but as you can see some dirty clothes and a few coupons to put away along with David’s laundry to put away.   Everything is straightened up other than putting David’s laundry because he is asleep and I do not want to risk waking him up.

Ok so last night I took care of the inside freezer I decided I would a peek at the garage freezer (the fridge stores simply produce from time to time,  the things we don’t want David in and Kevin’s Home Brew to control temperature so no need to do anything there).


The sad thing is you really wont see much difference in the after picture because I just needed to straighten up the meats.


So all said and done I spent maybe 10 minutes on today’s project took me about 10 minutes, much less time than it took to pick up the disaster David created while on Skype with grandma tonight.  This just shows me that a few minutes here and there can make a difference even if most people wouldn’t notice.  The important thing is I know I did it and it will help me feel like something was accomplished!

Still nothing around the house to throw out so I will try harder tomorrow to find a few things!  And with that I am working hard to make better use of my time such as cleaning the fridge while dinner is in the oven.



4 Weeks to a More Organized Home, Challenge

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Day 2

I am so proud of myself this morning!  For months I have been sleeping as late as I could because of my funky hours.  Well today I am up and at it early!  I have laundry going, breakfast started and I have gotten my shower and it isn’t even 7am!  This is so peaceful!

^^^I had a great start to the day, things went smoothly and we got so much done today!  The task at hand was to clean the fridge and freezer.  Now I will say that i have not done this since we moved in here … 3 years ago!  Eek it was bad so no, you do not get before pictures!



I did all of this while dinner was in the oven, after we cleaned the walls, doors, and backboards.  Yet another thing that had not been done since moving in here 3 years ago this past January.  This is something I have been meaning to do forever but really had to do before my Grandma  arrives next weekend to see us for the first time in over yes you guessed it 3 years.  She will be seeing David for the first time 😀

After all of this I felt grimy and worn out so my night ends with a hot bath and this. wpid-img_20140304_204945.jpgWhile I sit here and write.  I have a glass of wine and Mocahdoodle in my Scentsy Warmer!  I can’t pick a better ending!

So much for a last minute run to Kroger for the Mega Sale.

As I said yesterday, I don’t really have much to get rid of because after Emma moved out I started cleaning things out to make it nicer for my sweet husband 😀


4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Day 1

I am joining Money Saving Mom in her newest challenge…
Do I didn’t dress to feel great, I dressed for warm and cozy as we barely got above freezing today and had windchill below 0 last night…

OK so here is the scary part my purse/tote, now remember I have RCIA & work outside the home on weekend nights.

Tonight was my Rite of Sending so Kevin and David went with me for fellowship and my meeting late this evening so I have items that aren’t mine in my bag 😉


OK, yes all of this was in my favorite Lands End tote…  And what is worse is the fact that 90% of it went back in…


This is what stayed out.  And just like Crystal I love zipper pouches.  One holds my rosary and prayer cards and the other holds odds and ends like business cards, floss, couple of band aids and whatever other of and ends I may need.

I put the lists with my to do list for tomorrow and the other items where they belong.  And for the record I only ate a few of the Cheetos… The chips were from dinner tonight at church and helped keep little Mr. from running up after Monsignor tonight while my loving husband acted as my Godfather/Sponsor LOL.  Yes my husband is my Godparent…

I got my goals up earlier to it so that was done.  As for getting rid of things we haven’t had enough room in our garage for weeks as I have been purging tons of junk!

In part of my effort to be a more biblical wife I have been working hard on removing clutter from our home to make it more peaceful for my husband and easier to live in… Sometime in the next few weeks I will show you my latest work space!  For now I’m off to dream land, have a morning meeting with our sweet Creighton practitioner in the morning!

Challenge, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge: Day 1



So step 1 is to just say no today’s challenge was to write out tomorrows to-do list, and then cross off 3 things!  So I crossed off fist the thing I had put on their twice 😛 then I crossed off a task I can delegate and lastly an item that can wait a day or 2 when I have less to do in a day!

I guess it is kind of sad that my list is this long on my Birthday even, at least this year bake a cake isn’t on there!

I liked this so much that I did the same with my goals for the year!

I crossed off:
-Read more with David because that falls into more time with him throughout the day.
-Using my calender more because that falls into being more organized.
– And keep up with the cleaning because that also falls into the organizing!

I have been working to saying no to more around the house before this challenge, I am trying so hard to eliminate clutter as Crystal talks about in the beginning of the book, I seriously think I will have to call the garbage company for a larger can soon because I cant believe the amount of JUNK I am tossing out!

Her is to saying NO in 2014 in all that we are!

Frugal Friday's

Frugal Friday 10/4

I am participating in Frugal Friday’s with Money Saving Mom…


So I will start with how I save and then show y’all  what I  found for around $50.00  out of pocket this week!

MY Coupons! Without having them well-organized I would never save as much as I do!  Read more about that here!



The trips below were done at Walmart, Kroger and CVS!


601600_639270926103885_1235490397_n 1278388_642387359129480_1230353937_n 1371401_642387362462813_1184824679_n 967389_642575842443965_1138693454_n 1379115_642575845777298_1161528013_n 1370268_643140215720861_600178029_n