Shabby Chic Crate Tables

So I have been taking some time lately to work on some creative projects for the house, this is one that I did a couple of weeks ago.

I saw this after a friend repinned an image that I could not track back to the original pinner 🙁 , but it was so cute and my style I had to re- create it!

1966920_738873822814166_597119780_nSo for the coffee table I started with 4 of these crates  that can be found at a craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  I actually found mine at Wal-Mart for $9.97 each!  I painted them with a satin country white,  I did just one coat and did not worry about them being perfect because I wanted a rustic look.  If you have more browns in your house you could stain them too.  (Pardon my drop cloth there, I use an old sheet and have done many projects…)

clear coat 2 So once they were dry and all sides were painted I sealed the paint to make it easy to wipe clean, This can be found most places that you buy spray paint, I picked mine up at my local ACE last year, (they have a generic that is much cheaper!)

1972323_738880052813543_711434708_nOnce all of the crates were dry I attached them using inch long wood nails.  As you can see from the picture to the right I have the cates on their sides one long side sitting square with a shorter side. Below you can see 2 of the black nails above the basket. I used 5 nails every other board forming a 5 like you would see on a set of dice.  they go into the end of the adjoining crate.


I affixed a piece of plywood to the bottom of the table because eventually I want to put a bunch of wine corks under and around the vase in the center.    So here is the finished table!


The next day I got to looking at our end table and well I got back to work! I just had to have a matched set, and I had all the materials other than the crates!


I used brad nails in a staple gun to attach the thin sides to one another as my nails were too long.  I laid mine out in this manner because of the space I had to work with.  Didn’t want the pictures uncentered from the couch again 😉

Another idea is this!


Here are some piuctures of what I have done with the insides of the table.
table collage

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Bye Bye Bugs

Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer Once & Done! Granules

We are treating the yards with Spectracide Triazicide, and using Ortho home Defense to hopefully combat these Texas bugs! Also just put down some grass seed!

Lets see how well this all works!

So after spreading this and the grass seed I found out that it cannot come into contact with your edibles at all…

Thank you for contacting United Industries.

If using the Spectracide Triazicide liquid; if the product is applied to any edibles not listed on the label they can be consumed after 21 days. This is only if the edibles only received one application of the product. If applied more, these edibles would have to be discarded.

If using the Spectracide Triazicide granules; if the product has been applied to edibles they cannot be consumed at any time and would need to be discarded.

So I tossed the plants and dirt, when I went ito Home Depot and explained what happened the offered to replace the dirt and plants.

Friday evening I got it all put back together other than the fence boards that go on the sides. Monday I will post an update with picture.

DIY, Gardening

Building a Pallet Garden Bed

So I built my garden bed a couple of weeks ago and all is going well with it.  I am going to give some instructions on how you can build one of your own!

Materials Needed:

  • 3 pallets
  • Weed Cloth
  • Circular Saw
  • 2 Inch Nails
  • Hammer
  • 4 Wide Fence Boards
  • Staple Gun

So a couple of notes to start, all of your wood should be untreated, no one wants to eat things that were grown in pressure treated wood boxes!

We did this the hard way, but next time we will use a saw, Kevin removed what I needed removed using a Small Sledge Hammer as he would call it a BFH and a Crow Bar.

48x40 edit




  1. Using your circular saw remove the boards indicated above, Then re attach them to the open ENDS of the pallet with your nails and hammer.
  2. On the pallet where all of the boards are left on once side attach weed cloth using the staple gun.
  3. Place the pallet that is covered with weed cloth, weed cloth down and stack the reaming pallets on top of it.
  4. The ends you attached boards to will be the front and back of your bed.  Attach weed cloth to the sides once again using the staple gun.  This is to prevent dirt from washing out of the bed.
  5. Now measure the sides covered with the weed cloth and cut down the fence boards to fit.
  6. Attach the fence boards to the sides to hide the unsightly weed cloth and prevent little ones from removing it. (Before adding the fence boards I got to reapply mine…)

I filled my bed with mushroom compost and top soil mixed together!

garden bed

This is before I added the fence boards, can’t get out there for a picture due to the yard being soaked from the storm today!  As you can see one of my pallets was smaller but I worked with it, I planted my cucumbers there because they will spill out the sides. You can also see why the weed cloth is needed on the sides for spillage!



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While chatting with my mom the other day she told me that Nasturtiums are very hard to germinate if you don’t help them along, I never knew she had to give them a boost… She told me what she used to do and on to some research I  went.

Nasturtiums have a hard outer coating so they have trouble breaking though, I kinda thought they looked odd as I put the first packet in the ground this morning…


So I found that there are a few ways to get them started:

  • File one side slightly with a nail file
  • Nip them with nail clippers
  • Soak them in water for a few days

I nipped some, filed some and then added some that I hadn’t altered and the others to a jar of water to sit for a few days… We shall see what happens in a few weeks when I get them into the ground and they have a chance to get started…

I also found that they like to stay very wet when they first start out so water well daily, and they like darkness when starting out so start them in dirt rather than some other methods that occur indoors!

On another note I am having to order my Lemon Cucumber seeds on Amazon…

Burpee 66993 Cucumber Lemon Seed Packet

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Simple Foaming Hand Soap

foaming hand soap

So David has discovered the fun in hand washing and loves to play in the foam soap… Well we are going through more and more of it and with that I did a little research and found a way to make my own with all of that Dawn that I have…

What you need:

  • Liquid hand soap
  • Water
  • Empty foaming soap dispenser


  1. Pour one tablespoon of liquid hand soap into an empty foaming soap dispenser.
  2. Fill the rest of the dispenser with water (leaving a little space at the top of the container).
  3. Screw on the lid and shake.
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Total Room Makeover

So for the last few days I have been very busy redoing our whole room, and tonight it is finally done!

I forgot to take a before picture so I went digging through Photo-Bucket and found an old picture that shows some of it …

We also had miss matched night stands and such… Oh and the mattress was 12 years old… So who is ready for the final product…

 photo e5f75737-623d-49e2-8640-be86189934dd_zpsfa6e8203.jpg

Everything has been replaced… I love love love this room! I also have my spot for all my blogging and couponing in our bedroom…

 photo 17b5c1a3-2e00-4449-891d-c4aadf630013_zps247c1841.jpg
So, now that this is done and the bed is lifted… I think i will move the toilet paper and paper towels under it… My next project will be to clean out some cupboards in the kitchen so that I can condense and create more space for my canned goods…


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Memory Board

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Whats needed:

  • Cork broad or white broad (I had a white broad already, plus i can use magnets on it)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Enough fabric to cover your borad
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons
Cover the broad with the fabric using the hot glue
Use the hot glue to affix the ribbon in a pattern of your choice
Glue the buttons where the ribbons cross and at the corners


Crafts, DIY

Shaby Chic Magnets

So I needed more magnets and came up with a cute idea at Micheal’s the other day, I saw these really cute shabby chic clothes pins and thought that they could have magnets glued to the back so that is just what I did!

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android AppUploaded from the Photobucket Android App
So just decorate some clothespins however you choose, or buy the ready made ones and glue 2 small magnets to the back one above the hinge and the other below, In all it ran me about 8 bucks to make 16 of these, 4 of which I glued to the corners of the chore borad.