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Weight Gone Update Round 1

I hit  8 pounds gone this past week!!!! So in my first round I did not take any measurements but I lost 8 pounds in 21 days!!!  I have another 16 to my first goal and a little under 3 months to do that!

I am still not getting a ton of exercise in because of my back.  I did have an MRI this week of my neck and I am seeing a new doctor about that and the rest of this pain tomorrow morning.  Hopefully I can get some more answers soon!  I will be trying to do more yoga after I see the new doc and get the ok and hopefully that will help this weight gone hit the next level, I am also hoping to hit the 10 pound mark by this weekend!

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Journey

So earlier this week I mentioned I am down 2 pounds this week yay!!! Well I have not yet elaborated on my weight loss goals and how I plan to meet them.

So I will be following the 21 day fix which uses clean eating (using portion control) and exercise.  This program is awesome for me as my workouts are done at home and the color coded containers make it very visual for me. To top it I have wanted to move our family away from processed foods anyway!

As with any lifestyle change there is a learning curve as I learn what we can and can’t have and begin to tweak my recipes.  I couldn’t do this without my coach Lindsay!  She is great always checking in and encouraging me!

Some keys to this plan are planning and having things ready to go.  As any busy mom knows it is often hard to find the time to eat let alone prepare the healthy option. I pre cook and pre chop tons of stuff and make sure I keep fruits and veggies on hand ready to grab!

Be on the look out for more about my WEIGHT GONE Journey, yes you read that right I am no longer calling it a weight loss journey as I have no intention of finding those pounds again!  This is the year I take CONTROL and that includes my health, not only for me but for the boys!  Kevin deserves a happy healthy wife and Patrick and David deserve a happy healthy mommy!

Oh yeah and now it is 4 pounds gone and 46 to go for my year-long goal hopefully I can get beyond that even!

For more information on the 21 Day Fix from Beach Body you can Contact Lindsay here!

Goals, Weight Loss

Weight Loss

So I am slowly getting the junk out of my diet, I am trying to get back to clean eating and the 21 day fix.  Although I am meeting this with a few roadblocks.

My back has been giving me issues following David running at me and across my leg that was half in the air while sitting on the floor with baby Patrick last week (way to make mommy feel her age!).

My problems were just made more know from this it actually from 2 babies, 2 c-sections, my excess weight, being out of shape and I am sure what I do at work contributed as with my tummy muscles being so weak.

So I am happy that I am 2 pounds down this morning  leaving me with 22 to go by 4/30/16 to meet my first goal of the year!

Can’t wait to use my stickers to mark my milestones in my planner!!! il_570xN.892446133_lytn

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2014 Savings Challenges

Many of you have seen the savings challenge floating around online I am sure, well this year we hope to complete 2 of them; one for us and one for David.  We will be using our Capital One 360 high interest accounts online to do so!

So for us we will put in $1.00 for each week of the year so week 1 we did $1.00 and week 2 is $2.00 & so on.  The break down can be found here!  David’s follows the same model but with quarters so week one was $0.25 and week 2 $0.50 the break down on it can be found here!

Some people like to work it backwards as well so that less comes out towards Christmas and there are other ways to do it with kids using dimes as well

Check back with us at the end of the year to find out how we did!  Happy Savings!