A5 Ring Planning

Placing a Coil Bound Planner in a Ring System

So you want to put your Plum Paper Planner ( or Erin Condren ) in a A5 ring binder…

If you have not yet ordered your planner make a note on the order that you want it to come un- coiled and un-punched!

You will need a few tools

I started with a un-punched planner from Plum Paper, if you start with a coiled planner , simply straighten the end of your coil with the pliers and twist it back out.  Now this is the point where some people decide to use sticker paper or washi to cover the holes and just punch with the A5 punch , I would simply trim the holes off.


***I am using a page from an EC notebook to show all of this.

Now I took my un-punched planner and trimmed off 1 cm on every single page where it would have been punched. After that I  was ready to punch my pages!

12242181_1086283228073222_1494607183_n (1)

So next I marked where the bottom of my punch should sit and top of each page with some washi tape. The top of the page sat at the bottom of the washi marking the page placement, and the bottom of the punch sat at the top of the piece of washi marking the punch placement.

Be sure to push the page all way into the punch and to firmly press down evenly on the punch also only do a few pages at a time!  If for some reason you miss punch a page grab some coordinating washi and washi over the holes and re punch!  I love wahsi tape!


After all my pages were punched I rounded the corners with my punch.  In all the whole process took me about an hour with the kids in toe!  (And I only messed up 1 page!)



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A5 Six Hole Punch

I have been asked a few times in the past week what punch I am using to add into my  A5 Filofax Domino 11205070_1081475315220680_4911405306326130829_n

Shown here is my Plum Paper Planner Horizontal in the Domino  (I ordered this un-bound and un-punched)

I got my punch off of amazon it is the Open industrial 6 hole punch (Mobile) (japan import) (1, A)  (shown below) 

My recommendation is to mark where the top of where your page should be with washi on the table or counter you are punching at and be sure you keep the punch from moving this allows you to get all your pages punched the same.  Also make sure the pages are flush against the inner part of the punch and firmly press down to be sure you get all the holes through.  Also only punch a few pages at a time!51BhRB2OLRL._SL1000_

If you miss punch a page simply washi the edge and re punch!  (Don’t you just love washi???!)   Most important take your time and be patient it really wont take that long!  I want to say it took me about an hour to trim and punch my whole 12 month planner with 6 add ons and the kids were with me!


By the way if you want this same Domino on the cheap and can have some patience Amazon has them for just $26.46 and it will ship when they get them in!  Just scroll down and on the right you will see it for Prime and there is a button to add it your cart!!!!



Happy Punching!


*** I ordered my planner un-coiled and Un-punched, when it came I had to trim 1cm before I punched it.  I also rounded my corners.