Early to Rise … Not So Easy

So I missed writing yesterdays post as I was working hard to quickly get use moved over to prevent the site from being down for too long!

I started out at …

 photo dfee0861-1904-4504-8588-53a138e44aee_zps9f6e9b78.jpg
Not to bad still up fairly early!  I however didn’t make it to bed till almost 12am so today was a little harder.  However I still was up before the sun was at …

 photo f2eafb48-f6fe-4127-ae18-fa3d2f2e2943_zps5e3dcb3b.jpg

With that being said today will be a long day on just a bit of sleep!  We will be going and having some special pictures done for Easter this evening as well as dying Easter Eggs!  Now I think I had better go find another cup of coffee!


Early to Rise Double Edition


So I am trying really hard to stay off of the computer when David is awake as well as when Kevin is home so that we can spend more time as a family. So that is why yesterdays post and today’s are way late!

Yesterday I woke up and got up at…

 photo 8bde5bcc-95a2-4ebf-a9c8-271633ddf274_zpsc12f1f1e.jpg

Not at early as it has been but still not bad!

And today…

 photo afb3e56a-c924-4da4-b15e-a32f244abd93_zps55ae3def.jpg

Yep you got it I tried to sleep in but couldn’t really sleep even tough we went to bed late last night because we were up watching a High Speed Police Chase… Pure Entertainment!

I will try to get the one for tomorrow up before David wakes!  I am now caught up on posts!

Tell us what time you got up today…



Challenge, Early to Rise Challenge

Early to Rise for all!


Ok so I am really really enjoying my early mornings… Things are changing a little with how my time will be spent and today David through me a curve ball ( a little more about that in a bit!)

Kevin’s start time at work changed just a bit this week from 6:00am to 6:30 am… However we still got up together at the same time as usual.  All weekend Kevin was up with me before I left too which was nice as I was able to make out bed before work and just having that one thing done is so nice!

So here is my screen shot!

As you can see from the time of it I forgot to snap one when I first got up… I was up at 4:05… by the time I took this I had made Cinnamon Rolls, cleaned up the kitchen, had a shower, changed our sheets, and changed David’s sheets!
David was up early because his diaper leaked… We are using Huggies Overnight diapers and they are leaking several times a week, he is 28 pounds and in a 5… I am going to really try to limit his evening fluids and am looking for other ideas on this problem, if you have any experience PLEASE share what worked for you!
I am not bothered by him being up early today we enjoyed some awesome morning snuggles, but I don’t want him loosing sleep over this!
Challenge, Early to Rise Challenge

Early to Rise Challenge… Extra Early!


I was up even earlier than planned.  We had our corned beef dinner last night because I was working this weekend, so I got up extra early and made David’s Daddy his favorite corned beef hash!

Our alarm went off at 4:00 I rolled out of bed at…

 photo 44acb416-191c-4228-9b23-14b733af7849_zps6c226ce3.jpg

This is so much easier this week than it was last, this new approach to things has eliminated a bunch of stress!  I also really enjoyed my time with Kevin this morning and have already gotten so much done.  So the plan is to do this again tomorrow!

I will be finishing a few chores up and getting cleaned up for the day, once David is up we will get him going and then we are gonna head out for the first day of the local Farmers Market!

What time were you up today?

Challenge, Early to Rise Challenge

Early to Rise… I did it… Kida…


So I did it… Kinda Sorta… I was up at…

  photo e396fab8-9536-4c77-b03e-8ed575367b5d_zps345f5cf2.jpg

I have no clue why the shot got cut off but oh well! By the time David woke up I had my shower was dressed, made the bed, started some laundry, wrote a few posts, and had my coffee!

Look for my CVS plan for next week, along with a Picture from this week! Also enjoy some time out in this beautiful spring weather today!


Challenge, Early to Rise Challenge

Early to Rise … Sorta…

So I sorta got up early today, I made it up before David with enough time to shower, I was up at …
 photo 446b1436-fc97-40d1-adad-60d3d0564b38_zps45d7e460.jpg
Today went smoother but only because the only thing that I need to do is clip and organize coupons, I got all of the housework done yesterday as well as updated the blog!
So tomorrow I will be up early so I can get these coupons under control, and then I will relax some outside with David as we have beautiful SPRING weather here in Texas!Ok now off to a bubble bath with my book! Early to Rise tomorrow!What time were your up today?

Challenge, Early to Rise Challenge

Early to Rise… NOT!

 So I goofed up big time today… I don’t know how or why but I didn’t get up till David woke up at…
 photo 7b0a644e-69a7-4202-b075-d8bfb7bedde2_zps3e21bc3a.jpg

Like I said oops! The nice thing about this is it was still dark out so David came back to bed with me for a while and snuggled, I love his early morning snuggles in my bed!

I will say that this is a noticible difference in how our day has gone though, and I know this is because I didn’t have a head start on my day or the chunk of time to myself!

So tomorrow I WILL be up at 5am and on the elliptical while I spend some time talking with David’s Daddy before he heads out the door to work!


Challenge, Early to Rise Challenge

Early to Rise Day 6!

 So here is the time I grabbed this morning…

 photo 517d8677-df0b-4566-8aa4-29f7b5fc88ef_zps05893032.jpg

However I actually rolled out of bed at 4:01am … By the time I snapped the screen shot I already had French Toast on the Griddle for David’s Daddy!

I have been to the gas station, done the laundry had a shower, unloaded the dishwasher and lots more already now I am just waiting for David to wake up so that we can move on with our day… I need  to make breakfast number 2, and tackle the to do list!

What time did you wake up this morning?  

Challenge, Early to Rise Challenge

Early to Rise … Enjoy the little moments!

So I woke up about 5am this morning and laid in bed for a while reading my email, and checking in on the blog this morning I was all set to get up at ….
after 6… the Picture went MIA
When this sweet little creature… David’s Nana (Nabby)
  photo fd82d10b-eec0-41c8-9a96-9dc82ec2a0c5_zps59df5784.jpg
Crawled  into bed and snuggled up with me, she is so sweet and usually wont snuggle so I gave her the attention that she needed and slept till 7am when David woke up!
From time to time it pays to just enjoy the little moments that we love so much, if David had woke needing me I would have done the same, sometimes it is just not about mom!Tomorrow my goal is 4am I will be up fixin’ David’s Daddy some breakfast!
We will re attempt the Spring Cleaning Challenge starting Monday!
What time did you wake up this morning?