As you can see some changes have come to the site David’s Mommy is now Simple Southern Mommy.  The shop name on etsy will also soon be changing (hopefully today).

So be on the look out as the month goes on for my first set of printable sticker (For FREE) yes it will only be here on the blog.  Also watch for monthly specials and future freebies that will come out 🙂

I will be working hard to share our stuff across more social media platforms as the year passes as well so look for out some periscope videos ( I will upload these to the you tube Chanel as well 🙂


10 Weekly Goals

Ok so it has been quite a while since I have posted regularly let alone posted some goals to work on…  With that said this pregnency has been kicking my butt, but this must bee the week I concur it!



1. Keep up with my scripture study

2. Get to bed early!

3. 2 yoga workouts

4. Read!


5. Start on my Fall/Winter crochet projects

6. Stick with no buy October

7. Catch up on coupons

8. Stick with the meal plan ( I can eat a sub if my stomach must!)

Business/ Blogging

9. Launch winter planner set

10. Write 2 new blog posts.

11. Make a new you tube video

12. Keep up with Instagram

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4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Day 7


OK so today I got to take it easy for the challenge because we’ll I did the walls and baseboards last week!

But this just meant I tackled other parts of my to do list.  I got my coupons done and dinner ready by 6!  I taught a coupon class tonight for a very nice family!

Also our weather was great today so we enjoyed it!


And every night after dinner we run the vacuum through the house.

Ok off to bed good night!


One Word 2014

I continued on with choosing one word to use as a theme for the year to come… I went back and forth trying to find one first it was going to be peace, well I simply just thought of hippies lol.  So that wouldn’t work.  I was reading through what some of them were on the Launch page for Say Goodbye to Survival Mode and came across Joy!

The description given by the woman was “A woman who is joyful , to help her family be joyful in the midst of whatever and where ever God has us.”

It was perfect to go along with my goal of being more of a Godly Mommy!  So my word for 2014 is Joyful!

Below is the definition from Dictionary.com



FALL Is it coming????

Autumn or fall is one of the four temperate seasons. Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter, in September or March when the arrival of night becomes noticeably earlier. Wikipedia

574531_461195850578061_763642772_n 423802_465041846860128_1150467651_n


So looking back to last year when I first posted these last year our weather is staying warmer a little longer… But fall will come 🙂 . Can any of you guess what my favorite season is????

We are mostly ready for the change David will need a few more cooler weather items but for now were good!


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Garden Update

Yay, so all is going well seeds are starting to pop up and I am starting to get the rest of the yard in order for the summer!

So my Nasturtiums are doing well on the side where I did nothing to the seeds, on the side where I altered the seeds only 2 have come up, so I will be planing more un-altered seeds.


Now the rest of the garden is doing alright, the tomato has its first little one and lots of blooms, the peepers are popping up and the lemon cucumbers will take off soon I am sure.

Fresh Herbs went in the pot a couple of  nights ago after the rains, I will be watering them less to see if that helps, and I was also told to grow together what you can put in a pot together to cook with so the cilantro should have never been with the basil!

Garden update1

Check back next week for another update and see about what else is being done in the yard!  I am off to add to the compost bin!


Plant Guarantee


So Home Depot and Lowe’s offer a Plant Guarantee

Lowe’s If your trees, shrubs or perennials don’t survive a year, we’ll replace them free of charge. Just bring in the plant and your receipt.

Home Depot’s Policy is the same from what I was told in store, but they aren’t as good to sticking to it.  So keep your receipt when ya buy your plants!



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Severe Weather Preparedness

With all of the severe weather over the last week, I felt it pertinent to share some ways to ease your stress and prepare for such things.

We use a storm radio to alert us to watches and warnings for our area. Midland makes a great one that can be bought on Amazon for around $35.00.

Midland WR-120B NOAA Weather Alert All Hazard Public Alert Certified Radio with SAME, Trilingual Display and Alarm Clock – Box Packaging
These can be set to go off for all watches and warnings of your county, along with those that surround you or a 50 mile radius. We personally use it just for our county because I got sick of being woken up for watches for the little towns that I had never heard of and didn’t even know where they were!  If you have a storm radio, be sure to check it and change the batteries regularly, so it has back up for power outages!

On my phone I have an app called Simple Weather Alert so I can be warned if I am not home!

Next, be sure you know the safest place to seek refuge if a warning goes into effect for your area.  For us this, is the master bathroom and to be more specific– the bathtub.  This is the most inner room of our home, and it has no windows.

We keep the cat carriers in there so as to get Nana and Haha to a safe place as well. We store extra blankets under our bed and can grab them in a hurry so we can be protected from flying debris.  Along with us in the bathroom, I am sure to take my purse and David’s diaper bag so that we have any items that may be needed immediately.  Also think about keeping a supply of necessary medications in that safe place and any other items you may need if you are forced to seek refuge! Make sure to have your shoes on!

Make sure you have renters or home owners insurance so that you have support if you lose everything!

When we buy a house we plan on having a storm shelter put in so that we have an even safer place for our family in an emergency! A storm shelter can be installed below your house, in the garage, or out in the yard! For more information on Storm Shelters in the DFW area, check out Tornado Masters!

If you have a storm shelter it is wise to also store 72 hr kits for each family member down in there!

Also there are local emergency agencies, storm chasers and news stations that you can follow on Facebook and Twitter!

All in all, plan ahead to be sure that you and your family are prepared for emergency situations!